Sunday August 18

Ariko & Arthur l'aventurier


3 PM

Dynamic and electrifying, the Ariko family group radiates fiery violins and the bewitching harmonies of the Lefaive sisters as well as the musical brilliance of their parents, Louis and Laura on the keyboard and on the bass. Well rooted in the repertoire of French-Canadian folklore, in concert Ariko presents traditional songs, thundering reels, and of course the original repertoire of their new album Portrait de famille.

Presented by :

Arthur l'aventurier

11 AM

Arthur the Adventurer exploring the Rockies

Arthur the Adventurer transports young families into a world of exceptional beauty filled with natural treasures: the Canadian Rockies. Children’s favorite traveler tells his journey on stage with his friend Tom the cowboy! Through songs, young families will discover high mountains, majestic lakes and caves. Kids and adults alike will also learn more about grizzlies, mountain goats, bighorn sheep and many other animal species. It’s an unmissable rendezvous with Arthur in the adventurer’s paradise!