Sunday August 20

2 p.m. Fredo & Théo

Don’t miss Yoopa celebrity Théo’s initiation by Fredo the magician. Watch Théo pursue his dream and get initiated into the rudiments of magic! The two accomplices enter into a comical conspiracy to serve up a feast of magic at a table set for laughter and surprises!

1:30 p.m. Les Chiclettes

Presenting adventurous and fiercely determined women, with a thirst for novelty and a desire to experience life differently. Meet this Franco-Ontarian trio Les Chiclettes: comprised of Nathalie Nadon, Julie Kim Beaudry and Geneviève Cholette.  They are proposing a second album in career titled “Voyage à Trois” (Trip for Three).  The new opus will be available in stores and on digital platforms starting September 18. 

11 a.m. Kattam

Kattam and his monkey Takoum would like you to join them for a spectacular multicultural adventure. Accompanied by his Tam-Tams, the percussionist invites you to discover Africa, the Middle East and India to the sounds of gongoma, djembe, derbouka and naffar. The show will sweep you along in desert dance, Africa rap, trans-Sufi rhythm and Bollywood sway.

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