Saturday August 19

11 p.m. DJ Unpier

Dj Unpier will be present to continue the party with you…


9:30 p.m. Curd & Country night

Get ready to whoop it up with Mélissa Ouimet, Gabrielle Goulet, Manon Bédard, Daniel Boucher, Steeve Hill, Lulu Hughes, Polo  (Frères à cheval) and Porn Flakes. They have a very special country show lined up to keep you dancing all night long.

8:30 p.m. Gabrielle Goulet

Young Franco-Ontarian artist Gabrielle Goulet will charm you with her guitar in hand and her cowboy boots on her feet for the opening of the evening.



2:30 p.m. Bill Bestiole

Through his interactive musical show, Bill Bestiole will reveal some interesting facts about the true nature of the insects around us. He will use humour to help kids and adults overcome their fears and learn to love the misunderstood little beasts. By the end, it will be less Eek and more Wow!


11 a.m. Atchoum

Help Atchoum get ready for his trip to his adventurer papy. Help him make some big decisions and figure out things with the help of his dad’s magical invention, the “Mozus Machine” (aka blasted contraption), until he is finally ready for the big departure.

This funny, musical and energetic show will enchant kids of all ages!