Community Visual Arts Project

Shanna Steals

She specialized in black and white darkroom photography as well as mixed media sculpture, assemblage and installation. But she could never do just one thing, so she also explored drawing, painting and performance in order to express her conceptual ideas. Since then, Ms. Steals continues to work as an interdisciplinary artist by incorporating methods of traditional craft work, as materials and materiality are at the source of her creations.

Yanie Porlier

Yanie Porlier is a visual media artist. During her last big project “Tell Me / Tell Me”, Yanie Porlier’s artistic future promises to be promising and innovative through the use of immersive and interactive video installations incorporating both the different platforms of social networks and the participation of viewers. 

Jamie Janx Johnston

Jamie Janx Johnston layers Image to place with texture & perspective to entangle reality. Offering bold contrast and mythical scenes that showcase his photography as street art. 

Bernard Lévesque

Professional artist and active member of the artistic and cultural community of Eastern Ontario, Bernard Lévesque specializes in oil painting and drawing of all kinds; he has enjoyed a career in visual arts for over 30 years and many of his works are found from coast to coast and internationally.